about us

When Quran.nu was first launched nearly 20 years ago, it was a pioneering project. The website was the first to feature synchronised scrolling Quran recitation, Arabic (i.e. المصحف / mushaf) search functionality, and an integrated teach-yourself-Quranic Arabic course - amongst other offerings. However, the most important service that Quran.nu provided was to host never before seen translations of the meanings of the Quran, particularly in non-Latin alphabet-based languages. The purpose behind having these translations was not to be unique or different for the sake of it, but to present the Quran to nations who had never before experienced the Speech of Allah in their native tongue – at least as much as is possible considering how imperfectly God's Perfect Words are presented when translated.

A few years after launching the Quran.nu, the site's developers increasingly directed their efforts towards outreach (دعوة / d‘awa) and projects outside of Western Europe. While these charitable projects were all very worthy and continue to bear fruit, Quran.nu was left unmaintained and un-developed in line with advances in technology. As a result, the website slowly slipped from its ranking on page one of a Google search for the word "Quran" or "Koran".

Now, in 2020, we are re-launching the site, adding new and exciting features and, most important of all, once again seeking to bring to the nations of the earth translations of the meanings of the Quran for the first time in their own mother tongues.